Our philosophy

We decided to produce high-quality wine out of love for our hometown Vienna. We view ourselves as part of Viennese wine history.

The words „organic“ and „sustainable“ are not just modern buzzwords for us, they are our ideology. All of our vineyards are exclusively cultivated organically and tended with love and passion. We strongly believe that wine deserves to be enjoyed more consciously and with more understanding for its production. At BIOWEINGUT LENIKUS stand for sustainability as well as organic and vegan Viennese wine of the highest quality.

Why do you have to be patient with our current wine vintages? At BIOWEINGUT LENIKUS quality comes first!

We focus on a long and intensive maturation of our wines and believe in giving our wines the necessary time to develop their flavors without artificial help. Your patience will be rewarded, as our wines continue to develop over time and demonstrate a unique character and flavor.

Viennese viticulture

Vienna is the only city in the world with significant viticulture. This is just one of the reasons why Viennese wine has been experiencing a renaissance for quite some time now: the consistent quality, and the impeccable taste of the cultivated Viennese grapes are just some of the reasons for the popularity of Viennese wine.

To be able to grow certified organic and vegan wine within an urban metropolis is a privilege – we are very proud to run our winery in the heart of Grinzing, a Viennese suburb known for its wine history and its beautiful location, right next to the vineyards.

"A taste of Vienna" in the glass: from Viennese classics, ranging from the world-famous Wiener Gemischter Satz DAC, to sparkling, sweet and rosé wines, to our rarities - our range includes a broad variety wines. We are sure you will find your perfect match in our product portfolio.


We only have one planet and we need to protect it. We have made it our task to contribute to a greener tomorrow.

Our vineyards are cultivated exclusively organically, a decision that means higher investments: More work, more time and usually also less yield.

Our goal is to preserve our soils and to treat them with care and respect.We are also firm believers of conscious consumption in all matters. Especially with wine, it is important to consume it with respect for the production process and nature.

Our wine animals

Our testimonials are visible on our labels: the former Viennese inhabitants who once lived on the soils where our wine thrives today. Animals that lived at a time when the rocks were forming and the sea was still to be found in today's Vienna Basin. After all, they were the ones who shaped our soils. It is amazing that these prehistoric animals are still reflected in the characters of our wines today.

The porcupine

The porcupine, with its luxuriant back, symbolizes the diversity of the grape varieties and the multi-layered, fresh aroma with a tingling note.

The sea turtle

The sea turtle is a symbol of age and wisdom. Moreover, it once lived on the Nussberg, where today our ancient vines thrive in the memorial garden.

The woolly rhinoceros

The woolly rhinoceros is known for its powerful and majestic body. Attributes that characterize our wines - a real stunner indeed.

The fossil nautilus

The fossil nautilus is still found today in excavations on the Nussberg. It is associated with the shell limestone in the soils of the Nussberg sites, which gives our wines their deep, salty minerality.

The mammoth

The mammoth used to be a resident of our unique sites as well. Powerful, dominant and persistent are those characteristics that are reflected in our wines.

The Colius

The Colius once colonised our vineyards. Its iridescent colour, elegant nature and feather-light body are its distinguishing features. This is also reflected in some of our wines.

The primeval horse

The primeval horse is powerful and elegant at the same time - like some of our wines that thrive on primary rock on the Rosengartl and Reisenberg sites. The Rosengartl site is one of the first sites to produce wine in Vienna and provides a unique flint aroma.

The cave lion

Powerful and fiery, elegant and flattering. The cave lion once strutted over our vineyards with its voluminous body and velvety paws - our Merlot and Cuvée Rendezvous pay a tribute to this majestic creature.

The cave bear

Mighty and powerful, yet playful and sweet. This perfect co-existence of these unique and contrasting characteristics of the cave bear are reflected in our wines and make their aromatics a very special experience.

The stag

Stately, elegant and powerful, the stag once strode through our vineyards with its majestic body, attributes that are perfectly reflected in our wine today.